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What is a Gong Sound Journey?

A Gong Sound Journey is an experience like no other. It’s a unique time for you to balance Mind Body and Spirit. Let the amazingly complex sounds of the gongs transport you into a realm where relaxation, dream world, self healing and meditation are all possible. It’s a time and space to journey to the core of your being. When the mind is silent, the universe surrenders.

Tone of Blue Feather Spirit visits Woodstock Therapeutic Community on a Wednesday and immerses everyone in a sound journey.    

What will happen to me during a Gong Sound Journey?

Your journey is unique to you and it will differ every time. Whilst experiencing the other- worldly sounds and frequencies of the Gongs you might enter dream -world, see colours, sink into a deep meditative state or just lie back and relax. You might even go to sleep. You might experience it physically, vibrationally, dreamily or spiritually. Some have described it as journeying to the core of their being. Whatever happens, it will be right for you on the day.

I’ve heard that Gong Sound Journeys can actually help some medical conditions.

Many people attend Gong Sound Journeys as a way of self healing and improving well-being.. This can take many forms. Some have found relief from acute conditions and pain, and for others the effect is on a more spiritual level. Many have reported Gong Sound Journeys having a positive effect on their mental health. For many, Gong Sound Journeys can be particularly calming and relaxing.

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